Body Treatments

Body Polish

Body polish is a deep cleansing, exfoliating and conditioning treatment, which leaves your skin smooth and soft. Body polish can pamper and energise your skin just like a facial for your body! This treatment is a combination of body scrub and a body massage. Body scrub removes hard and dead skin cells and the massage with luxurious body cream leaves your skin soft and shiny. Body polish is ideal for pre holiday plans, or as a pre body wrap.

Your therapist will rub an exfoliator all over your body- starting with back and back of legs, and then wiping it away with hot steaming towels and finishing off with a choice of your own body cream or aromatherapy body oil.

Body polish not only removes dead skin cells but also improves blood and lymph circulation, helping to fight cellulites, and improving your overall skin tone.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

The deep cleansing back treatment is perfect for treating the hard-to-reach area. The back is deep cleansed, body brushed, exfoliated and massaged. This stimulates circulation in the back and is also relaxing.

The back is deep cleansed and toned. This is then followed by a luxurious massage using oils that are suited to your skin type. A mask is then applied onto the skin. If skin is intensely clogged or there is bad visible scarring microdermabrasion crystals are used to clean the skin and reveal new, clearer skin.

–       Clears blemishes on the back

–       Clears acne on the back

–       Decongests skin

–       Improves skin’s tone and texture

Spray Tan

Spray tanning involves the spraying of a fine mist onto the body to achieve a natural looking tan without the sun. The mist contains Dihydroxyacetone, which combines with the skin’s natural components to turn it tan or bronze. This leaves a beautiful tanned effect, which lasts for up to 7 days.

The tan is sprayed onto the body using an “airgun”. This ensures even coverage and an airbrushed effect. Even strokes are used to guarantee a natural, golden tan over the whole body. The tan then dries into the skin within a couple of minutes, and is left to develop before being washed off.

–       Fast and easy process.

–       No tan lines.

–       Provides a natural looking tan without the dangers of sun exposure and tanning beds.

–       Adds definition and highlights certain parts of the body.

–       Lasts for days.

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candling is a treatment of the ears, used to calm and help many conditions related with the ear, nose, and throat. It can be used as an alternative to ear syringing and antibiotics. The Hopi ear candle treatment is a calming, relaxing and soothing experience.

A specially designed hollow candle is inserted inside the ear canal. The candle is then lit and the suction that forms gently collects and removes impurities from the ear. The rising air gives the eardrum a gentle massage, which soothes and calms.

– Soothes and calms irritated areas in the ears, nose and throat.

– Protects irritated areas.

– Helps conditions related to the ear, nose and throat.


Treatment Duration Price
Body Polish 60 minutes £30
Deep Cleansing Back Treatment 45 minutes £30
Spray Tan 15 minutes £20
Hopi Ear Candles 30 minutes £15