Remove unwanted hair, for all skin types and hair colours (except white hair)
Safe (used by cosmetic dermatologists)
Painless, quick and permanent


Traditionally light based hair depilation systems have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed research has shown that Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems are regularly producing better results than other systems originally available. The Pulsar IPL is non-laser, emitting light across a broader range of wavelengths which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair.

Pulsar IPL is designed such that each light pulse is actually composed of a number of rapid shorter pulses. These ‘multi-pulses’ ensure a more controlled heating of the target hair whilst minimising heating of the surrounding skin. This means that a greater range of skin and hair types can be treated effectively and safely than was previously possible.

Pulses of light emitted from Pulsar IPL are absorbed by the melanin of the hair causing the hair to heat up rapidly. The heat in the hair is transferred to the adjacent growth cells which in turn can reach a temperature in excess of 70 degrees centigrade. At this temperature the growth cells become permanently inactive and the follicle is unable to support future hair growth.

The ideal client will have dark hair and light skin, but due to the pulsed nature of Pulsar IPL darker skin types and clients with villous (light) hair can also be treated safely. All hair thickness can be treated successfully from the fine hair found on the upper lip to thick hairs of the pubic region.

Initially your therapist will determine your hair and skin parameters, this being important to ensure safe and effective treatment. The area to be treated must be shaved and a coupling gel applied. The applicator head will be stepped across the skin and each flash will result in an area being treated.

Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided for up to four weeks before and after treatment unless a high factor sunscreen is used. Treated hair should be left in place for at least 4 days after which they can be removed or allowed to fall out naturally.

Unlike many laser treatments the hairs are no vaporised but appear to ‘grow’ out slowly and after a period of between 1 to 3 weeks will fall out naturally. The area will remain hair-free until the next growth cycle – the duration of which will be dependent on the area being treated and on the individual. The next treatment will remove this new growth. Subsequent treatments will be required until the area is completely hair free.

Treatments with the large 22cm applicator head are very fast. Facial areas can be treated in a matter of minutes using the 5cm applicator head, whilst large areas can be treated in around 30 to 45 minutes. Typically 4 to 6 treatments will be sufficient enough to remove most of your unwanted hair on body areas. The face requires 1 or 2 more, usually 6 to 8 treatments.

Most clients describe the pain as moderate to acceptable (as if a rubber band is lightly snapped against the skin). This is because each individual hair shaft is warmed to greater than 70 degrees centigrade which causes short sensation of heating in the individual follicles.

Yes. Hair depilation using Intense Pulsed Light is one of the safest techniques available. Any redness that may occur immediately after treatment will disappear within the hour.

Pulsar IPL produces pulses of light which are then absorbed by the melanin in your hair.

Once the hair follicle is destroyed there is NO hair re-growth.

Unwanted hair in any site can be safely and effectively treated with the latest intense pulsed light (IPL) pulsar system.

We can customise your treatment according to the colour and texture of your hair, and the area of the body to be treated.

Because pulsar is a gentle and non invasive treatment, it can be used on all areas of the body for both men and women.

Pulsar IPL have been operating in the UK for over 10 years achieving an unrivalled 98% customer satisfaction rate. Pulsar IPL have over 18,000 documented client testimonies to date and growing.

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